Little League season strikes home stretch

Little League season strikes home stretch

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Little League season hits dwelling stretch

Log Cabin Outlaws, Gray’s Jewelry earn big Monday

    Little League season strikes home stretch
    Blank Branch/Press-Herald


    Krushers 16
    State Farm 1

    Leyla Slaughter, Leigha Gilbert along with Baleigh Haulcy all hit home extends to lead the Krushers, followed by Syniah Rabb using a triple and single, Brooklyn Davis, Peacefulness Hartwell and Keinya Coleman with two strikes and Kaelynn Williams, Ahmani Hawkins, Maddison Tillman and Tatum Oliver with bottom hits.

    Maddie Forrester had the only attack for State Farm, 1.

    Gray’s 12
    Minden Athletic 10

    Hadley Haynes blasted a home function and three singles designed for Gray’s, followed by Baylee Bonsall and McKenna Chreene with a triple and two singles each. Madison McGraw together with Lanie Gates had three members, Lauren Barrett had two singles plus Izzy Miller and Hannah McGray added foundation hits.


    Timberland 4
    Pride 3

    Elyse Jackson tripled, Colby Hollis and Kenzie Warmack tripled and Lainey Mercer and Rainey Hughes increased base hits for Timberland. Hollis pitched and struck out more effective batters.

    Laci Cheatham and Emalyn Anders hit property runs to lead Pride, followed by Vivian Still with a single. However also struck out your five batters.

    Filly Express 11
    Lifesavers 3

    Kylie Ryan doubled and singled for Filly, followed by Ah’lazia Douglas, Karrigan Davis, Rayne Ely and also Ashlee Banks with base traffic. Ryan struck out your five batters in the circle.

    Trinity Easom in addition to Meghan Harris each singled for Lifesavers.


    Her-ricanes 16
    Blue Bombers 2

    Neither team recorded a base hit in the football game. Keambre Franklin of the Her-ricanes struck out a few batters in the win.


    Haughton Rockers 12
    Southern Heat 1

    Caitlyn Ward doubled plus singled for Haughton, followed by Skylar Sims, Jillian Compton in addition to Reanna Crumpler added base hits.

    Harlie Burns had a single for Souther Heat’s simply hit. Halie Cross struck outside four batters.

    Lakeside 9
    Minden Heat 8

    Cecily Gurgainers brought about Lakeside with a double, followed by Madison Hines together with Ella Nielson with singles. Gurgainers pitched with regard to Lakeside and struck out 8 batters.

    Emma Mayfield tripled and singled for Minden Warm, followed by Sierra Franklin, Taylor Bumgardner, Erin Lee and Madison Bumgardner along with hits. Taylor Bumgardner struck out in search of batters.

    Coach Pitch

    Herbert’s 9
    Braves 8

    Rome Deloach and Michael Bedsheets hit home runs to get Town & Country, followed by Julian Mendoza which includes a triple, Hunter Evans, Zack Moseley and Jude Oglesby by using doubles and Kayden Dooly with only two singles.

    Barron Bower, Davis Powell and Tate Fegley crushed house runs, followed by Holden Williams with a two times, Mason Shipp with two members and Drake Chreene with a single.

    MBL Bank 4
    Advanced 4

    Darron Hollingsworth and Nolan Waller hit home operates to lead MBL, followed by Abreon Curry with a multiple, Ben Barnette with a double plus Beau Santelices with a single.

    Jackson O’Brien together with Hayden Williams doubled and singled to lead Sophisticated, followed by Tristan Grigsby and Cullen Simpson with a pair of singles. Colten Jellum came through with a base hit for Advanced.


    Log Log home Outlaws 10
    Minden’s Finest 0

    Dakota Royer and Gavin Davis contributed the Outlaws with homers, and then Jamell Carey with a double and simple. Jacob Jefferson, Lawson Morris, Levi Royer, Dakota Roberts and Nolan Harmanson added bottom hits.

    No hits were taped for Minden’s Finest Storage.

    Minden Outlaws 12
    Force 2

    Landon Brewer tripled to lead the Outlaws, as did Connor Bolton who squashed a triple of her own. Hudson Glasscock doubled, Hudson Brown had a couple singles and Cameryn Davis, Gage Williams, Jaxon Smith, Cash Frizzell, Ryan Reagan and Fitzgibbons Speer added base hits.
    Eli Bray as well as Preston Frye singled for Force.

    Farm & Garden 7
    Sluggers 2

    Noah Redding in addition to Eli Campbell blasted home runs with regard to Farm & Garden, followed by Connor Williams which has a double and single, Jaxon Melton which includes a double and Jake Cup and Bryce Parker with singles.

    Jordan Ainsworth singled to the Sluggers’ only hit.

    Cubs 9
    Wrecking Crew 3

    Jackson Monzingo, Jaxon Brizzell, Donavon Weston together with Eli Santelices all hit big your home runs for the Cubs. Gavin Harris plus Braxton Glover had two singles, with Levi Rhodes, Kevin Berry, Tucker Harris and Landon Morgan added foundation hits.

    Brayden Winston blasted a home manage for Wrecking Crew, then Gray Gorum and Kyler Rae with starting hits.


    Tigers 13
    Bandits 3

    Jaylen Hawkins and Mikey Woodford tripled and tripled for the Tigers, while Hayden Whitehead, Nolan Garms in addition to Jase Pate singled. Pate struck out five hitters on the mound.

    Spencer Brantley doubled in addition to singled for the Bandits.

    Young Guns 14
    Elm St. Dentist 5

    Elliot Sheppard had two triples, followed by Chemical.J. Carter with a multi and single, Ethan Vise with a triple, double and single as well as Brooz Swain, Noah Spears and Ty Maness together with base hits. Parker Salas struck out there seven batters and Spears sat down three players as Young Guns saved a no-hitter.

    Hunter Sutton led Elm Street. Dental pitchers with four strikeouts.

    Dixie Youth

    Minden Sports 11
    Tigers 2

    Kenny James tripled and singled, followed by Some sort of.J. Coleman, Landen Hopkins and Koby Mangrum with greatly improves. Price Miller and Braden Klimkiewicz by using a pair of singles each. Cooper was excellent on the pile, striking out a whopping 10 batters.

    Seth Levesque, Jarome Smith, Clayton Boyd and Hudson Dillard singled for that Tigers.

    Levesque struck out five batters.

    Lions Club 14
    Red Birds 3

    C.J. Watts homered and doubled to steer Lions Club. Cade Boley tripled, Hayden Harmon doubled and also singled, Dayton Sims and Maddox Mandino singled twice in addition to Bradley Dick added a base hit. Cooper Chase struck out your five batters.

    Andrew Cooper doubled for Reddish colored Birds, while Matthew Harris and Charles Fresh fruit added base hits. Connor Humphreys minted out five batters.

    Dixie Boys

    Glenbrook 11
    Webster 3

    Beau Division led Glenbrook at the plate, blasting his particular first home run of the season together with adding a double as well as single. Cade Clemons tripled and singled, Jackson Parnell doubled and Kip Reeder tripled.

    Keaton Moore doubled and singled, even though Andrew Fegley and Jeristen Baugh added platform hits. Trenton McLaughlin struck out a number of batters.