Noom + New Year’s Resolution

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“This year is my year!” Said everyone ever. I’m going to hit all my goals in 2020: Lose 75 pounds, go to the gym 8 times a week, buy a unicorn, slay a dragon, and make $ 50 million dollars per day. But what makes this year different than last year … or even the one before? The difference is that I have Noom this year. They help me set realistic goals that have a big impact on my general wellness and help me to actually achieve them.

You might be wondering what Noom is now. Noom is an organization that’s mission is to help people get more out of life. Their focus is to create long-lasting results in the lives of several people. “Quick fix diets are a thing of the past “Noom states here / about /. They understand that setting goals that are completely out of your character won’t work. What you need to do is change your behaviors to create long-lasting results.

For example, my goal this year is weight loss. I want to drop 10 pounds and keep them off. I could choose to diet calorie restriction, and water fast to drop the weight off within a few weeks or even days. But the change won ‘t last. Very soon I’ll binge eat to make up for all the loss and end right back where I started (Or worse, | could gain a few extra pounds in the process). This is where Noom comes in. They provide strategies that will help you become the type of person that loses weight and keeps it off. You won’t be the same after you go through their program. They care about getting people real, life-changing results rather than overnight successes that don ‘ t last.

It’s about changing who you are to become a better version of yourself. Your mindset will switch from “I want to lose weight” to “I want to focus on becoming a healthier person” and you will shed those pounds in the process. This is the true way to hit your goals this year. I’ve stopped restricting myself and I’ve started to lose interest in the junk food that | used to crave so much. Before, I dreaded the thought of jogging, but after deciding to become a healthier person, I now get a thrill when | prepare for a quick run. Noom is about making you a better and healthier person; hitting your goals for this year is just a plus.

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