Lonzo Ball Still Unable to Sprint While Rehabbing

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Lonzo Ball’s NBA career has been one of ups and downs. Unfortunately, it is now riddled with injuries. The veteran point guard is still rehabbing from a knee injury. Now, Chicago Bulls head coach, Billy Donovan, has made it clear that his rehab is not going exactly according to plan.

“I don’t know if he’s stuck,” Donovan said. “He is doing some shooting, some running, some jumping. He hasn’t done any sprinting yet, that I know.”

The Chicago head coach also had this to say:

“They talked about that, and [sprinting] was kind of a goal, a set point. I do think the one thing that has been a priority right now, so he does not get set back, is he needs to develop more strength in his leg,” Donovan said. “Because of him having that surgery and being off his leg so long, before he’s really able to ramp up, I think they want him to get to a place physically that relates to his quad strength. I don’t want to say it’s a holdup, but that’s where they want to get him to. In terms of what he’s doing, he feels better.”

The Bulls have missed Lonzo Ball’s presence drastically since the day he was injured. His perimeter defense alone is a game changer and is one of the more underrated floor generals in the league when healthy. The Bulls could use all the help they can get right now, but it does not look like Lonzo Ball will be available anytime soon given the recent update.

Lonzo Ball Still Unable to Sprint During Rehab

His Impact

When healthy, Lonzo Ball is a quality role player. He is an extremely good defender making Chicago’s defense outstanding when he and Alex Caruso share minutes on the floor. Not to mention, Ball has improved his shooting ten-fold since his rookie season. Throughout his tenure with the Chicago Bulls, he has tallied 13.0 points, 1.8 steals, 4.4 total rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game. The veteran guard has also averaged an effective field goal percentage of 56.7 percent while with the Bulls. He has also tallied a defensive rating of 111 during his time in Chicago. These are solid averages for a role player. Especially when one considers the struggles Ball went through at the start of his career. Hopefully, Lonzo Ball can eventually return to full health and be a solid contributor to the Chicago Bulls.