Draymond Green claims Warriors would win the NBA title if they traded for LeBron James


One of the biggest trades of the century almost happened during the last transfer window, as reports flooded the NBA world after February’s deadline claiming that Golden State tried to lure LeBron James to the Bay Area. Even though sources say the opportunity was taken into consideration by the Lakers’ front office, the 39-year-old was convinced his place was still in Los Angeles. 

In a recent episode of the 7PM in Brooklyn podcast, Draymond Green touched the subject alongside legend Carmelo Anthony and started talking about how exciting it was too even consider the possibility.

“The deadline was cool. Just to have a couple of conversations about it like to entertain the thought of it… It was cool to have the conversation because it’s one of those things that you’ve never thought, you never fathom that it would even happen. I thought we were living in the twilight zone,” said the Warriors forward.

When asked what he thought about the purple and gold icon joining Stephen Curry, the four-time champion had no doubt that it would’ve resulted in yet another trophy for Golden State. “(Steph and LeBron) Would be crazy. I think that team would win a championship. No problem. Crazy,” Green claimed.

However, Anthony wasn’t as convinced as the Warriors star, mostly because having those two superstars in the same squad means that many other big changes should come to the roster.

“I don’t think so,” Carmelo shared. “Because, guess what? If LeBron is going to Golden State, you gotta build another team… Klay [Thompson] is gone. They can’t stay. It’s going to be them two and [Jonathan] Kuminga… You get what I’m saying?”

Draymond laughed it out as he heard the retired athlete give his take, and even admitted that players like Jonathan Kuminga aren’t going anywhere because he’s a future superstar.

LeBron revealed that he wishes to remain in Los Angeles for the rest of his career, but knows that anything can happen

During the All-Star contest, James was asked about the possibility of leaving the Lakers. However, he revealed he wanted to stay in Los Angeles for as long as possible, as he’s been very happy these past 6 years of his legendary career.

“I am a Laker and I’m happy and been very happy being a Laker the last six years and hopefully it stays that way,” the 39-year-old expressed. “But I don’t have the answer to how long it is or which uniform I’ll be in. Hopefully [it] is with the Lakers. It’s a great organization, so many greats. But we’ll see.”

After the trade deadline, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said that the Golden State proposal was tempting for the power forward, but that the all-time leading NBA scorer is completely committed to the purple and gold franchise. “If the Lakers ever wanted a temperature check on James’ commitment, here was his chance.

“In the end, the answer was returned resoundingly on the eve of the trade deadline: Paul told Lacob and Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr., that James had no interest in a trade and wanted to remain a Laker, sources said. When Dunleavy reached out to Lakers GM Rob Pelinka in those pretrade deadline hours, Dunleavy had been told the same: The Lakers wanted to keep James,” he wrote.