Dell Curry broadcasts game between Steph and Seth for the first time: ‘It’s a father’s dream’


For the first time since Dell Curry retired from basketball and started his broadcasting career, he received the opportunity to analyze a game between his two sons, Stephen and Seth. Before the match at Chase Center last Friday, he told the press he needed to release some steam before the contest, and made his traditional three-mile pregame walk around the Bay Area and spent time with friends to work off his nerves. 

It was a sentimental night for Dell due to many reasons, not only was the game in San Francisco where he lives, his son Seth now plays for the Hornets, team with whom he played for as a professional. As the Warriors finally won their home contest 97 to 84, the former player couldn’t contain his excitement once the match was over. 

“It’s a father’s dream come true to be able to call a game both your sons are playing,” he said about 10 feet away from the Charlotte bench. “Of course they played against each other but to be able to call it, I can’t explain it, it’s really amazing.”

Earlier this month, Seth was traded from the Mavericks to Hornets before the trade deadline, and now he wears the No. 30 jersey just like his dad and older brother in Golden State. Both siblings have faced off numerous times over the years, but incredibly Dell had never broadcasted one of their matchups. 

“No, you never envision that,” said ex-NBA athlete. “Even when Seth got traded it was such a shock to call his games with him in the Hornets wearing my jersey. I didn’t think about this game ahead of time until I was like, ‘Oh wow, we haven’t played the Warriors yet and we’re going to be doing it for both games. I woke up a little nervous this morning but all that’s gone away.”

Two-time MVP Stephen couldn’t imagine what his father felt when seeing both of his sons on court this weekend, as the player is almost 36-year-old and starting to feel nostalgic about his own career. “I can’t imagine. Having kids and seeing them accomplish anything is like the biggest joy,” shared the Warriors guard.

“And now, we’ve been in the league for a long time so he’s had the moments of I’m sure reflection, of being able to process our individual journeys and our differences and we all had different paths to get here,” he continued. “But now to have a son playing for the same team he played for as an original Hornet, I told them I’m outnumbered now when they come in, it’s two Currys against one. It is pretty special.”

The new Hornets player takes great pride in competing in the NBA while his father broadcasts the matches 

33-year-old Seth is playing for his ninth NBA franchise and is now settling down in Charlotte after a short spell in Dallas. Once the contest was over, he admitted how this night was one of the most memorable occasions he’s spent on a basketball court. 

“It’s a special night. We’ve matched up for years but obviously the first time he’s in the building since the playoffs in 2019 when we played against each other,” Seth shared before the contest. “He hasn’t seen us match up in person for a while but also he’s calling so it’s a different dynamic for him. I think he’s probably the most excited.”

Dell admits he can’t take last Friday night for granted, as the entire family continues to follow both his son’s NBA careers. Stephen is currently enjoying his 15th year in the league, while the youngest finds himself in his tenth, despite missing one entire season due to injury. 

“I know how hard it is to get to the league, I played in the league but the best thing about it is they do, too,” the father expressed. “They don’t take this for granted. The window is short. It’s Seth’s 10th year, Steph’s 15th, it’s still a small part of your life you get to play in the NBA. I know they’re cherishing it just as much as I am.”