Celtics duo Tatum and Brown feel fortunate to reach another 50-win campaign together


The Boston franchise has produced one of the most successful teams in recent years, having reached the NBA Finals in 2022 and then last year’s Conference Finals, but are yet to crown their dominance with a title. This week, they’ve already reached the 50-win mark for the third-consecutive season, and the Celtics expect this to finally be a campaign worthy of a ring. 

In a recent interview, co-stars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum were asked about how it felt to achieve this record for yet another straight year, and both agreed about feeling fortunate. “For sure. Super grateful. All the guys laugh because at this time of year, I say the same thing: how much of an honor it is to be on a team that’s won [so many games].

“I don’t want to take that for granted. So I’m gonna keep saying it till I’m blue in the face, man: I’m grateful to be on a team that’s winning, to be on a team that’s playing the right way, has another opportunity to do something special,” Brown shared.

However, the way the Celtics club has reached this milestone is nothing short of spectacular. Not only have they become the first team to accomplish the mark this campaign, they’ve done it after only 64 contests. Only six other teams have done this at such a pace, and one of those was Boston’s 2007/08 championship squad.

Tatum, who recently turned 26-years of age, expressed the same gratitude as his co-star, except he explained why he could never take this success for granted. “We’ve been fortunate enough to be on great teams for 7 years and 8 years now,” he said after winning his 500th career game.

“It’s not like that in every team around the league. Been surrounded by really good players and good guys and good coaches and we just try to get better individually and as a group every single day,” the Celtics forward added.

Despite accomplishing incredible numbers in their last outing, with the entire team dropping in 50% of the field goals vs. Portland, Jayson still feels they have much to improve. “We’re not perfect, but we strive toward that and at this point of the season to have 50 wins, we’re doing something right. And the scary part is we can get better,” he expressed postgame.

This Boston squad hopes to reach 60 wins in regular season and then conquer the NBA championship

The ambition is high in Massachusetts at this time of year, as the squad is only 17 matches away from entering the playoffs and they are hoping to reach the 60-win record before so. According to their current pace, they have a legitimate shot at it.

However, Jaylen explained that it’s okay to celebrate minor successes along the way, but all that matters is the title. “We want to win a championship; that’s the ultimate goal,” he said. “But it’s important to acknowledge the small wins through the process of winning 50 games, making the playoffs, getting the top seed.”

Every year, Brown is given the mic to give a speech of gratitude to his locker room after reaching the 50-win record. The 27-year-old, who has only played for the Celtics in his eight-year career, believes it is an honor to be able to express this to them.

“It’s been an honor giving that speech every year,” the star guard shared. “For the most part I’ve won every step of my career, and that’s been due to great teammates, a great organization, and trying to build something special.”