Lil Wayne Says He Was ‘Treated Like S—t’ At Arena During Lakers Game

Lil Wayne Says He Was 'Treated Like S—t' At Arena At Lakers Game

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Lil Wayne, the Grammy Award-winning rap artist, had a nightmare experience at Arena’s courtside on Thursday night during the Los Angeles Lakers’ 134-131 overtime win against the Washington Wizards.

Roughly 90 minutes after tip off, Weezy vented his frustrations on X to criticize the Purple and Gold. “Wow! Got treated like s—t at the Laker game just now,” the 11-time BET Awards winner posted.

Perhaps his negative experience had something to do with him lambasting nine-time All-Star Anthony Davis.

“I figured they’d do me that sooner or later either bc of what i said abt AD or simply bc they don’t fwm which I been got that vibe from em as well so all good I get it. F—k em. It isn’t what it isn’t. I’m used to it,” Weezy added.

This all started with security upon his arrival.

“They were just doing their job,” he said. “So, when I got there, we tried to enter at one entrance of the court. Security was like, ‘No you guys have to go to the other side.’”

Wayne said his seats were courtside, nearby Jack Nicholson’s regular seats. The entrance he was redirected to was one behind where people were already sitting down.

Of course, Wayne didn’t want to have to tap those fans on the shoulder and ask them to get up and move their chairs to get by them. He returned to the original entrance that he’d been turned away from, assuming it would be fine to come back.

Did Arena’s staff give Lil Wayne a hard time for criticizing Lakers star Anthony Davis?

“When I started walking to my side, the guy was like, ‘Ah-ah-ah-ah [in a gesture of stopping them].’ So when I looked at him, he was like, ‘I told you guys to go to the other entrance.’ He looked right at me and it. I was like, ‘that’s a little much’ so I didn’t say anything, and was like, ‘Let’s just leave,’” Wayne said.

Was his experience sabotaged from the get-go? The rapper is usually critical of Davis on FS1’s “Undisputed” show. In November, Wayne opened up about why he wanted Davis gone when the Lakers started off 0-5 in road games.

“If the Lakers want to be a championship team, they have to get rid of AD. … Get rid of him and get some good players. We don’t need another superstar. We got LeBron [James].”

During Friday’s edition of “Undisputed,” Wayne addressed his tweet.

“They were just doing their job,” he said about the arena workers. “I was asked to be there. I’ve never had this happen before.”

Furthermore, the Lakers have a lot of problems this season, but Davis has managed to stay healthy. He has missed just four games. Los Angeles went 1-3 in those games without him.

The 12-year veteran led the Lakers in scoring on Thursday night with 40 points, one point shy of his season high. Davis and LeBron James combined for 71 points overall.

“We’re in a race right now, and we’re continuously just trying to get better, work on ourselves and get healthy,” Davis said. “And while doing it, staying in the fight, staying in the hunt.”

Davis became the first Laker since Jerry West to achieve this franchise record

In Los Angeles’ 132-131 win over the Toronto Raptors on Jan. 9, Davis recorded a season-high 41 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, and one block in 40 minutes of action.

The 12-year veteran shot 13-of-17 (76.5%) shooting from the floor, 2-of-2 (100%) beyond the arc, and 13-of-14 (92.9%) at the foul line.

Davis scored 20 of his 41 points in the fourth quarter and made 11 free throw attempts in the final frame.

Additionally, he became the first Lakers player since Jerry West to score at least 40 points on 75% shooting from the field and 90% on free throws.

Davis is an injury-prone player. That should go without saying. However, he is a reliable star when healthy, leading the Lakers this season in rebounds (12.3) and blocks (2.4) per game.

Despite the Lakers’ impressive win Thursday night, Lil Wayne might not be returning to the arena anytime soon. A championship-or-bust mentality is what every sports general manager should have.